I just recieved a brand new account!! I now have an unlimited webspace thing and I HOPE this one is reliable. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my sister deleted some of the files on my computer, and the fact that school has started, the recreation of this page will be a slow one. But it WILL be back up, because this site has had over 700 hits so SOMEONE must like it!! I will keep record of what has been fixed and post it below. See you all later!

Pages currently working:

ALL Graphics Heavy Pages are now up! Every single one of them now has image maps, they are still fairly slow, but a LOT quicker than they way I had it before. I have TONS of new pics, especially Kenshin and Sailor Venus! More up soon.

ALL Graphics Light Pages are now up! Same amount of pics as the heavy archive, I just haven't updated the current file number yet.

Sailor Moon and Ranma music are up, except the realAudio. ^.^* Gomen, I plan to fix the music section really soon!

The little Java chat room. Not that it's that important...

Hey, alright! I'm almost done fixing it, all that's left is the music section! I'm also working on another page, more info on that later!

Hi! By some odd chance of nature you've come across my new webpage...or you read my notice on the old one. Either way... I'm the host of this page, Sailor Pheonix! Yes, PHEONIX. I know how to spell my own name, don't correct me. You'll see a graphic as soon as I can get this stupid scanner to work.. ::kicks computer::

^-^* I have added so much stuff since I first put this up! There are now several character pages, a LOT of music, and a little chat room!

The title for the before mentioned series with Pheonix in it is Time Bomb Warriors. The online project has been put on hold, at least until I can get my scanner working and a little more of the plot has been determined. I REALLY need to get together with my co-writer...if anyone was actually looking forward to seeing this, which I'm SURE you all were, ^_^ I'm sorry.

GOMEN!! if this page is a mess right now, and things don't look quite right, I'm really sorry. I'm going through some major renovations, file uploads and making image maps, making MP3's and such...plus school just started, and I'm really pressed for time. Unlike SOME people...I don't take my site offline to finish it. I find it's much more inconvenient for my viewers. ^_^ The few of you I have that is. I hope to be semi-finished soon and things should be back in order by the end of the month. Thanx for your patience!

Yay! I've FINALLY gotten some stuff done on this! So far I have been making sections on the best Anime characters (IMO, of course. ^-^) in fact, I've got so many new pages I decided to make a directory for them! If you wanna see Anime pics, go to Solaris' Anime Archive. I am currently making Image maps for the graphix heavy pages, and only a few are up at the moment, so some will be quick loading and some will be much slower. I hope to have all the image maps completed by the end of the month and my image will be much better because of it!

New page has just been added! Go to Mirage's Song Selection! it has Midis, mostly, a few RealAudio (made by me, DON'T TAKE THEM!) and a few MP2's and 3's. There will be much much more, so check back often!

How's an anime chat sound? It's a Java chat, so if you don't have a Java-supported browser, don't even bother. Just type in a name and you're in! Anime Bests Chat Room. This SHOULD work now, I think I've fixed it. Don't expect this to have anyone in it at the moment, I haven't really made this one public yet.

Oh yeah! And there's a page about me in here! You need to search for it though, the link will be hardly noticable, cause if someone wants to hear what I really have to say then they'll look.

Oh, wanna see my rings? I think I might have joined too many...>.<

Links To Pages Much Better Than Mine

The Anime Turnpike
This is the BEST site to find Anime stuff on!! They have links to pages on every type of anime you could ever want to see.
Juunanagou's Shrine
Yay! I LOVE this site, I go there almost every day!! And the girl who runs it is really cool too. ^_^ Go check it out!
Anime Power
TONS of Links to pages. It takes a long long time to load if you have a slower connection though.
CDC's Dragonball Archive
Wanna see some dragonball? Last time I checked, he had a lot of the DBZ manga translated...you might wanna check it out.
Sailor Moon Manga Translated
You love the Sailor Moon manga, but can't read japanese? Don't like Mixxzine's translation? This has a few of the manga translated for you.
Speaking of Mixxzine...you've heard of it, right? It's a new magazine that translates the mangas Sailor Moon, Magic Knights Rayearth, Parasite, and Ice Blade. Check it out!
The SM Toolbox
do you like the backgrounds you see on my page? Do you need some tips on how to make a decent page? This is THE place to go!

If you like this page, have suggestions, compaints, comments, mail bombs, etc., E-mail Sailor VenusStars.

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